Approach - The 360° Cultural Assessment Minimize

The BMG Cultural Assessment and design process takes leadership teams through the analysis of 5 High Reliability Culture Drivers.™ These drivers are a roadmap that helps eliminate the noise and complexities associated with culture design.

We also honour the fact that every company is unique, which means our approach will mirror that uniqueness.

Our 5 Culture Drivers

Leadership: Ability to STRATEGICALLY design and execute a clear vision and roadmap, ensuring each team member understands the impact of their contribution. It is how the team is inspired and set up for success. HRCs pay attention to their employees.

Collaboration: Aptitude to INTENTIONALLY design an environment that cultivates successful relationships committed to working towards a common goal. Employees understand how to build trust, learn together, share knowledge, and challenge each other to be creative, innovative, and effective. HRCs move the focus from the individual to the team.

Communication: Capability to EFFECTIVELY achieve two way channels of communication supported by an infrastructure that builds clarity in the short term and long term. HRCs continuously seek to understand.

Engagement: The capacity to AUTHENTICALLY build loyalty by valuing the well-being of personal and professional success within the company. Take care of your employees and they will take care of your business. HRCs do not “give” to their employees but “create” for their employees.

Accountability: The competence to PURPOSEFULLY create clear expectations that are executed and measured. HRCs create accountability and ownership systems that anticipate rather than react.

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